Financial Assistance Fund

The GPC Financial Assistance Fund (FAF) provides emergency support for graduate and professional students who encounter significant financial hardship. This award supports graduate and professional students with financial needs not covered by other awards such as travel grants, fellowships, department funding, or scholarships can apply for one-time funding to help them address their needs while continuing their education.

If you are interested in supporting the Financial Assistance Fund, tax-deductible contributions are now being accepted online.

If you are facing financial difficulties and would like to request support from the FAF, here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Review the Disbursement Policy

2. Draft your typed letter of request

a. Describe in detail the financial need for which you are requesting a disbursement from the GPC FAF. Include why and how this need has created a financial crisis.

b. It benefits you to be as thorough and specific as you can when describing your situation and your needs. Applications are sometimes rejected due to a lack of context. You can always resubmit with more details if you are not funded, but providing more information increases the likelihood that you will be funded on your first try.

3. Compile all required supportive documentation into one paper Documentation Packet:

***Please black out your account and SSN numbers on all supportive documents.***

a. Printed and signed copy of your typed letter of request.

b. Documentation of the requested amount (receipt, invoice, bill, etc.)

c. Copy of most recent Federal income tax return or other proof of annual income for the prior year.

d. Copies of checking, savings, and credit card account statements for the past three months. Please black out your account numbers.

4. Submit your Documentation Packet to the GPC mailbox in a sealed envelope addressed to the Assistant Director of Fundraising.

a. The GPC mailbox is in the Center for Student Involvement (MU Student Center, 2nd Floor). Address:

GPC Assistant Director of Fundraising

Center for Student Involvement

2500 MU Student Center

5. After submitting your Documentation Packet, complete the online Application Form in full and attach your typed request letter as a Word Document or PDF.

a. This electronic application form notifies the Assistant Director of Fundraising that your Documentation Packet is in the mailbox. The AD of Fundraising and the GPC Treasurer are the only students with access to this form, so you can rest assured that your situation remains confidential.

6. Monitor your email inbox for a response sometime in the next 2 weeks.

a. Funding requests are reviewed on a rolling basis, and decisions are conveyed to applicants within 10 normal business days while school is in session from the date the AD of Fundraising confirms receipt of the application (Note: When school is not in session, it may take longer).

b. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Assistant Director of Fundraising via email: A face-to-face meeting can be scheduled to discuss your individual situation if needed.

Disbursement Policy