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About GPC

What is GPC?

The Graduate Professional Council (GPC) is the official student government for all graduate, professional, and post-baccalaureate students at the University of Missouri (MU) in Columbia, Missouri. Since 1982, it has represented all the departments of the Graduate School and the schools of Business, Public Affairs (previously Public Administration), Law, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. GPC is the voice of graduate and professional students to many of the decision making bodies at MU, including the Board of Curators and numerous faculty committees. Another function is the development of events such as the Research and Creative Activities Forum to showcase the innovations and talents of graduate and professional students. GPC also brings you captivating social events to give you an opportunity to meet fellow graduate and professional students.

There are many organizations at MU that address the needs of each school or department. Examples include the Student Bar Association (SBA) for law students, Medical Student Affairs Council (MSAC) for medical students, Graduate Student Association (GSA) for graduate students and the many departmental organizations. These other councils serve to represent the students of a school or department to the administration of that school or department. They may also organize social events or regulate other organizations of that particular school. The Graduate Professional Council is the representative umbrella organization for all graduate and professional students to the administration of the University and UM Board of Curators. Although the school councils have influence on the decisions of the individual schools, only GPC has influence in general policy decisions by the University or UM System affecting all graduate and professional students (issues such as fees, tuition, and health insurance). GPC has an annual budget to help fund the educational and social endeavors of its constituents. Students and organizations can request GPC funding for events, programs, and equipment.

How can I get involved with GPC?

There are a number of ways to become involved in the GPC General Assembly:

  1. As a department representative
  2. As an At-Large representative
  3. As a GPC representative to a campus committee

What is the General Assembly?
The legislative body of the Graduate Professional Council (GPC) is called the General Assembly. The General Assembly of GPC is comprised of representatives from all academic departments in the Graduate school as well as representatives from the Medical School, School of Law, College of Veterinary Medicine, the Business School, and the GPC executive council. GPC Representatives are required to attend the monthly GPC General Assembly meetings or to send a proxy in their place.

For more information about the General Assembly, click here.

When and where does the General Assembly meet?
GPC General Assembly meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month, during the Fall and Spring semesters, from 6-8 pm in Leadership Auditorium of the MU Student Center. The meetings are open to all graduate and professional students so everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinions.

Representatives must attend General Assembly meetings to keep their Represented Areas in Good Standing. Click here for a list of all Represented Areas currently in Good Standing.

Department Representative
Each Represented Area is allowed one (1) representative per 100 students enrolled in the program in the GPC General Assembly. For example, a department with 75 students can have one (1) GPC representative. A department with 110 students can have two (2) GPC representatives.

Most departments select a GPC representative through their departmental graduate student association/organization (GSA/GSO). You can check with your departmental GSA/GSO about becoming your department’s GPC representative or you can email GPC directly at to find out if your department has a representative and how you can get involved. If your department already has a representative you can alternatively become an At-Large member.

Representatives must attend General Assembly meetings to keep their Represented Areas in Good Standing. Click here for a list of all Represented Areas currently in Good Standing.

At-Large Representative
Along with department representatives, the GPC General Assembly also has At-Large representatives. GPC allows one At-Large representative per 500 enrolled graduate/professional students. There are currently, approximately 7700 enrolled graduate/professional students at MU, so there are 15 At-Large representative seats in the GPC General Assembly. At-Large representatives are voted in at our General Assembly meetings. For information about becoming an At-Large representative email
GPC General Assembly members serve on one of many internal committees. Click here for a list of current committees internal to GPC.

GPC General Assembly members also serve as GPC representatives on the Chancellor’s standing committees. These committees address topics ranging from tuition and fees and campus planning to parking and transportation and admissions. For more information on the Chancellors Standing Committees visit On occasion, we need more graduate and professional students to serve on these committees. If you are interested in serving on a committee, contact GPC at

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