GPC RCAF 2023-Call for Abstract

Greetings! The Graduate Professional Council (GPC) is proud to announce its 39th Annual Research & Creative Activities Forum (RCAF) which will take place on April 7th, 2023! This event offers an invaluable opportunity for graduate and professional students to showcase their academic projects/research in front of audience members such as their professors, mentors, and research colleagues. Note: This year’s presentation will be an in-person poster presentation in front of judges and audiences. Presenters will be receiving the presentation guidelines and instructions will be mentioned with the acceptance email. Proposals are currently being accepted for presentation in ten categories:

• Behavioral Sciences

• Biological Sciences

• Creative Arts

• Engineering, Computer, and Information Sciences

• Health Sciences, Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine

• Humanities

• Physical Sciences

• Social Sciences (Qualitative)

• Social Sciences (Quantitative)

Other Proposals must be submitted by March 1st, 2023. Applications, including a brief abstract, can be submitted via https://cglink.me/2ny/s444

Notification of Acceptance will be communicated around March 12th, 2023. As with past events, cash prizes will be awarded to the top presentations in each category. The first prize in each category will receive $250, the second prize will receive $150, and the third prize will receive $100.

For more information, please contact RCAF Chair, Patrick Bokolo at gpcprogramming@missouri.edu

We look forward to reading your applications!

Best regards,

Patrick Bokolo

GPC Director of Programming gpcprogramming@missouri.edu

Jessica Osaze, MSW, LMSW

Director of Professional Development Graduate Professional Council (GPC) muoslprofdev@missouri.edu