GPC Research Development Award

GPC Research Development Award: Information for the Website

Quick info

To apply for a GPC Research Development Award (RDA), please complete this MU Engage form:

All materials must be submitted digitally by 11.45 pm on the due date (October 30th or March 31st) via the applicable MU Engage form.

Application Cycle Dates

Semester Application Closing Date Application Decision Sent Out Reimbursement for Spending Cycle Dates
Fall Semester October 30th November 30th August 1st – July 31st
Spring Semester March 31st April 30th January 1st – July 31st

About the Research Award

The Thirty-Seventh (2019-2020) General Assembly established the GPC research development award for graduate and professional students. The research development award is to provide support for graduate and professional students’ research and creative/scholarly activity. Awards are processed as reimbursements for valid research expenses not already covered by the university. Applicants are eligible for up to $600 to fund their research.

Award Allowable and Non-Allowable Costs

This list is not exhaustive, if you have questions about whether an expense can be covered, please send an email to the Director of Professional Development via

Allowable costs:

The research development award will fund operating expenses, supplies, equipment**, participant fees (incentives for research), animal use fees, field work, computer software, computing and data entry, publication fees, copying fees, permission fees, research services within the spending cycle of the academic year the applicant is awarded.

** all purchased equipment will belong to the student’s department at the end of the project. GPC recommends that you reach out to Mizzou Tech to discuss what software is available and obtainable and the price. This information should be uploaded with other documents during the application process.

Non-allowable costs:

The research development award will not fund conference travel and conference travel-related costs, fees or GRA medical insurance, financial aid, salary support of any nature, computers, costs of preparing thesis/dissertation, preparation of a course or portion of a course, projects/expenses that do not relate to the applicant’s research/creative work and spending that does not fall within the spending cycle of the academic year that the award is received.

Choosing a Semester

GPC recommends that you apply for the award early in a given academic semester that you are eligible. This allows for you to apply again in the next semester if you are denied funding. Unclaimed awards are returned to the university at the end of each academic year so eligible applicants with unclaimed awards must reapply in the new academic year to be reimbursed for spending in the new academic year.


All graduate, professional, post baccalaureate, and postdoctoral scholars are eligible for the award. Each student may submit a maximum of one entry per semester.

Application Criteria

The amount awarded is based on the quality of the application relative to the applications of other graduate and professional scholars in that semester. The GPC Professional Development Committee judges the quality of each application based on professionalism (spelling and grammar, appropriate word usage, formatting, compliance with instruction etc.) and the completeness of the application materials as specified below.

Application Materials

An application is considered complete if, and only if, it contains the following items:

  • Filled online application form
  • Uploaded copy of research proposal
  • Uploaded copy of CV
  • Statement of Support from Adviser/Dept. Chair
  • Department consent form
  • IRB/ACUC/EHS approval, if applicable
  • Previous award report if this is not the first-time student of applying for the award
  • Application form and CV

Besides evaluating responses for thoroughness and accuracy, GPC also considers student’s contribution to their field of study. Students are required to upload a .pdf copy of their Curriculum Vitae titled “CV_ [Your Full Name]”.

Research Proposal

The research award proposal should be titled “Research Award Proposal_ [Your Full Name]” and submitted as a .pdf file within MU Engage form. Write the letter proposal for a lay audience, not experts in your field. Be thorough but concise. Your research proposal should answer each of the following questions in 200 words each:

  1. Describe your proposed research, its overall significance, and its importance for your future career goal.
  2. What is your Research design/ methodology?
  3. Give a detailed description of the project budget, cost as well as efforts to see alternative source of funding?
  4. If awarded the GPC research award, what specific part of the budget will the funds be used for and what is the estimated timeline for the completion of this?


** all purchased equipment will belong to the student’s department at the end of the project. If you intend to purchase a software, GPC recommends that you reach out to Mizzou Tech to discuss what software is available and obtainable and the price. This information should be uploaded along with your response.

Letter of Support

Applicants should secure a signed letter of support from their adviser or department chair and upload it along with their application titled “Letter of Support_ [Your Full Name]”. Advisors may also choose to send the letter of support directly to before the deadline.

The letter of support should be signed by the adviser, department chair or faculty who is familiar with the applicant’s research and closely associated with the project. The letter of support should be titled “Letter of Support- [Your Full Name] and should be attached as a .pdf file on your MU Engage application. It is the student’s responsibility to inform their recommender when the application is due and what the letter should contain, and it is the student’s responsibility to attach the signed letter of support to their application before submitting their application.

The letter should detail the student academic standing, significance, and feasibility of project.

Department consent form

Student should ensure that a signed copy of the department consent form showing their department willingness to oversee the award and ensuring that it is used by the student for intended purpose is uploaded along with their application. Equipment purchased with the award would be retained in the custody of the department. Consent form can be downloaded from

After the Review Process

After the Professional Development Committee has reviewed applications, award winners will be notified via email by the GPC Director of Professional Development. Applicants who are denied funding will receive a notice, but GPC is not required to give a reason for denial of funding.

Award winners must submit all requested documentation, including a copy of the award letter and original receipts of research expenses to their department and person(s) described in the award letter. Receipts are due within 30 days of expenses if the application was awarded before the expenses were incurred. For applications awarded after expenses have been incurred, receipts are due within 30 days of award notification.

Again, do not submit any receipts until requested, but keep in mind that proper documentation submitted in a timely manner will be required to receive an award.

Alternative Sources of Funding

GPC strongly encourages schools and departments to help fund their students’ research. GPC will only reimburse expenses not already covered by other budgets or faculty grants. Award letters will provide further details. In addition to applying for GPC research funding, students are encouraged to contact their departmental ORG representative for information on seeking other sources of funding.

Have questions? Please contact the Director of Professional Development;

For more details on the GPC research award including the scoring guide click the following link: