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Group Funding

Download the application (file type: doc [word])
Download general assembly powerpoint presentation template (file type: pptx [powerpoint])

About GPC Group Funding

Each month, the GPC General Assembly provides funding to events across campus that benefit graduate and professional students. By increasing the visibility of these funding opportunities, GPC has set a record for both the number of organizations funded and the amount of funding provided.

Maximum award:

  1. Events with a limited or restricted audience (graduate department organizations or graduate centered organizations) are eligible for up to $250 to cover programming and publicity fees. The amount awarded depends on the quality of the proposed use and availability of funds.
  2. Events open to all graduate and professional students, and which have broad interest, are eligible for up to $600.

Funding guidelines:

  1. Programs and events must be held on campus.
  2. Programs must be advertised and open to all graduate and professional students.
  3. Funding is only available for programming expenses.
  4. Service projects must primarily benefit Graduate and professional students.  Types of programming considered include, but are not limited to: performances, lectures, seminars, workshops, and information services or service projects.


  1. Funding will not be given unless the group gives a detailed description of how the award will be spent.
  2. Funding can not be given as reimbursement for any program or event that has taken place prior to the submission of the funding request.
  3. All accepted requests must be presented to the General Assembly prior to the event being held for consideration and approval or denial.
  4. Funding cannot be used for gifts, scholarships, donations, or philanthropies.
  5. Programs that violate MU policies and regulations will not be funded.
  6. GPC will not fund fund-raisers or events that generate a profit.

Funding can be denied:

  1. Denial of funds may be for reasons other than stated above.
  2. GPC is not required to give a reason for denials.

Application Process

Short summary:

Start by downloading and filling out the application.  Applications with a detailed budget attached are accepted electronically via e-mail:  The treasurer will read your request and pass it to the other members of the Finance Committee. The treasurer may contact you if the committee has further questions.  As soon as all questions have been answered to the committee’s satisfaction, the Finance Committee will let you know if you’ve been selected to appear before the GPC General Assembly and give a short presentation about your funding request.

Detailed steps:

  1. A group representative sends a completed application to GPC at
  2. Treasurer and Finance Committee members will review the application.
  3. The committee meets to discuss the application and take any or all of the following actions:
    1. request more information
    2. research the group and program (i.e. validate information)
    3. request a group representative be added to a General Assembly meeting agenda for a funding request presentation
    4. request a group representative meets with the committee
    5. deny request for funds
  4. If the Finance Committee approves, the proposal is then presented at General Assembly meeting.
  5. A group representative will have five (5) minutes to present a professional a powerpoint presentation using the general funding presentation template which will include the following information.
    1. the cost of the event
    2. dollar amount requested from GPC
    3. dollar amount received from other organizations/departments/funding sources
    4. how the event will benefit graduate and professional students
    5. how the event has been/will be advertised to graduate and professional students
  6. The General Assembly will have two (2) minutes to ask the representative questions.
  7. The representative will then be asked to leave the room while the Finance Committee presents its recommendation.
  8. The General Assembly will vote on the application.
  9. The Finance Committee will then inform the group representative of GPC’s decision.

Additional Information:

  1. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. GPC encourages the submission of completed applications as early as possible in the semester.
  3. Funding requests must be received no later than by noon on the Tuesday immediately prior to the General Assembly meeting at which the funding request will be presented.
  4. Allow four to six weeks for processing of the application.

Contact GPC for More Information:


Location: Graduate Professional Council, 2500 MU Student Center