Past RCAF Winners


Behavioral Sciences
  1. Drew Kurlowski – Revisiting Downsian Closeness: County Level Data and Presidential Election Turnout
  2. Marcia Kearns – Predictors of Polypharmacy and Off-Label Prescribing of Psychotropic Medications: A National Survey of Child Psychiatrists
  3. Liz Peterson & Fiona Asigbee – Health Behavior and High School Sport Participation
Biological Sciences
  1. Jared DeckerA novel analytical method detects response of the Angus (Bos taurus) genome to artificial selection on complex traits
  2. Ranjan K. SinghThe Three-Dimensional Structural Basis of Type II Hyperprolinemia
  3. Fatten ElkomyThe Effect of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Practice on Reducing Restraints and Seclusion Rates in Adolescent Inpatient
Social Sciences/Law (Qualitative)
  1. Edson C. Tandoc Jr. & Jonathan Peters – Stars and the status quo: The ideal woman and her ideal man according to her horoscope
  2. Braden Leap – Rethinking Governmental Corruption: Empowering and Embedding
  3. Jonathan Cisco – (Title Unknown)
Social Sciences/Law (Quantitative)
  1. Jie Gao – Residents’ Preferences of Agricultural Landscape Features: Implications for Agritourism
  2. Burke Bindbuetel – Soy Bomb: Utility Patents in the Age of Unlimited Reproduction
  3. Amy Nickless – It’s a Tornado! Are We Prepared?: Disaster Preparedness in Missouri’s Special Libraries, Special Collections, and Archives
Creative Arts/Humanities
  1. Tomaz Cunningham – Shut Your Mouf! I’m Talking About Male Blaxploitation in French Nineteenth Century Literature
  2. Grant FondaThe Schism Between Jazz, Fine Art, and Film Music Reception Histories: Anatomy of a Murder and the Curious Case
  3. Theodore David Marcia – Gender as Imaginary Circumstance: The Praxis of Female Actors Portraying Male Characters in the University of Missouri’s
Physical Sciences
  1. Kiran Bhattacharyya – Single Cell Detection of Breast Cancer Using Photoacoustics
  2. Mohammad Sherafati – Unique magnetism in the flatland, graphene
  3. Zhongwei Yu – Reallocation of Snow Removal Trucks During Winter Snow Storms
Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, Health Sciences
  1. Tanvi Banerjee – Activity Segmentation in Older Adults Using Kinect Sensors
  2. Daniel Miller – Virology and Molecular Pathogenesis of Human Papillomavirus (HPV)-Associated Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  3. Sagar Gupta – Photoacoustic detection of induced melanoma in vitro using a mouse model


Behavioral Sciences
  1. Karen Jones
  2. Angela AuBuchon
  3. Jayme Cisco
Biological Sciences
  1. Barbara Keller
  2. Xavier Revelo
  3. Cammy Willett
Social Sciences/Law (Qualitative)
  1. Tina Roberts
  2. Sarah Symonds
  3. Jonathan T. Pryor/David Ta
Social Sciences/Law (Quantitative)
  1. John Cisco
  2. Drew Kurlowski
  3. Sheng Lu
Creative Arts/Humanities
  1. Tomaz Cunningham
  2. Xiaofei Liu
  3. Matthew Kritis
Physical Sciences
  1. Cammy Willett
  2. Alice Raphael Karikachery
  3. Atreyee Das
Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, Health Sciences
  1. Prakash Jayabalan
  2. Shriniwas Gautam
  3. Sagar Gupta


Behavioral Sciences
  1. Stephanie Wade
  2. Monique Mendoza
  3. Ashley Smith
Biological Sciences
  1. Xavier Revelo
  2. Ashley Lough
  3. Barbara Keller
Social Sciences/Law
  1. Liz Baiocchi-Wagner
  2. Sarah Ali
  3. Tina Roberts
Creative Arts/Humanities
  1. Robert Long Foreman
  2. Stefanie Wortman
  3. Liz Lance
Physical Sciences
  1. Mohammed Sherafati
  2. Suklima Guha Niyogi
  3. Jian Yin
Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, Health Sciences
  1. Aniruddha Belsare
  2. Kristen N. Peters
  3. Maggie Schalarmon


Behavioral Sciences
  1. Kathryn W. Brady
  2. Angela M. AuBuchon
  3. Gail Buffington
Biological Sciences
  1. Jared Decker
  2. Satish Kumar Guttikonda
  3. Mark Mackey
Physical Sciences
  1. Anupam Radhakrishnan
  2. Stephanie R. Lane
  3. Mohammad Sherafati
Creative Arts/Humanities
  1. Ryan Montague
  2. Robert Long Foreman
  3. David Heise
Social Sciences/Law
  1. Carolyn Orbann
  2. Sheng Lu
  3. Moohwan Kim
Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, Health Sciences
  1. Brian Bostick
  2. Prakash Jayabalan
  3. Laura Nafe


Behavioral Sciences
  1. Neetu Abad
  2. Zhijian Chen
  3. Carolyn E.P. Kelley
Biological Sciences
  1. Renu Jain
  2. Denise Bouvrette
  3. Bethany K. Williams
Humanities and Creative Activities
  1. Emily Friedman
  2. Lania Knight
  3. Michelle Forbes
Physical Sciences
  1. Stephanie Lane
  2. Santhosh Sivaramakrishnan
  3. Jacob Burress
Social Sciences
  1. Stephanie Child
  2. Catherine Chmidling
  3. Disraelly Cruz
Veterinary, Medical and Health Sciences
  1. Alexa Dickson
  2. Hanrui Zhang
  3. Brian Bostick


Creative Arts/Humanities
  1. John Estes
  2. Jennifer Abin
  3. Debbie Lelekis
Behavioral Sciences
  1. Beibei Dong
  2. Zhijan (David) Chen
  3. McKean Nowlin
Biological Sciences
  1. Renu Jain
  2. Gyan Prakash Srivastava
  3. Vinoth Sittaramane
Physical Sciences
  1. Surendra Chitti Babu
  2. Majed El-Dweik
  3. Korampally Venumadhav
Health Sciences
  1. Eric Dent
  2. Timothy Havens
  3. F. Spencer Gaskin
Social Sciences/Law
  1. Fred Vultee
  2. Joshua Hicks
  3. Shrihari Sridhar