General Assembly

The Graduate Professional Council General Assembly (GA) consists of Representatives from each Represented Area on campus, where a Represented Area is defined as any department, division, college or school with graduate or professional students. The GPC GA Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, during the Fall and Spring semesters, in Leadership Auditorium of the MU Student Center from 6-8 pm.

Representatives are elected or appointed by the graduate or professional student organization within each Represented Area. If no such organization exists, a Representative may also be appointed by the Represented Area’s faculty leadership. Once a Representative has been selected, the Representative should email the GPC Secretary to be added the GPC email distribution list and the GPC Vice President to sign up for an internal and external committee.

For a Represented Area to remain in “good standing” with GPC, a Representative for the Represented Area, or a proxy, must attend the majority (at least 3 of 4) of GPC General Assembly Meetings each semester. It is the responsibility of each Represented Area to appoint a graduate or professional student to the GA and to make sure their Representative attends GA Meetings and signs in on the attendance sheet each meeting. To see if your Represented Area is in “good standing” please see the Good Standing page.

Individuals within represented areas in “good standing” are eligible for 100% of travel grant funding; all others can only receive up to 50% of the maximum.  Graduate and professional student groups that are located “wholly within” a Represented Area that is not in “good standing” are ineligible to receive GPC Group Funding.

Below are the Representatives and Liaisons serving in the Graduate Professional Council General Assembly.  The attendance reported below was determined by signatures on each meeting’s attendance log.


Spring 2016 GPC Attendance

Fall 2016 GPC Attendance

Spring 2017 GPC Attendance

Fall 2017 GPC Attendance

Spring 2018 GPC Attendance

Fall 2018 GPC Attendance