Good Standing

In Spring 2015, the GPC General Assembly modified the GPC Bylaws to define “good standing” for a Represented Area, where a Represented Area is defined as any department, division, college or school with graduate or professional students.

In Fall 2018, the GPC General Assembly modified the GPC Bylaws to include new rules regarding the meeting credits a department must earn in order for that department to maintain “good standing”. One Meeting credit is earned for one department when one Representative attends one General Assembly Meeting.

Whereas a Represented Area gets a number of Representatives based on the number of graduate or professional students in that Area, that number of Representatives multiplied by the number of regularly-scheduled General Assemblies during a semester will represent that Represented Area’s “Maximum Possible Meeting Credits”. A Represented Area of graduate students must then earn 2/3rds (rounded up) of their Maximum Possible Meeting Credits in order to count as in “good standing”; a Represented Area of professional students must then earn 1/2 of their Maximum Possible Meeting Credits in order to count as in “good standing”. For more on this, please refer to Resolution 1819-03.

Example: if your Represented Area has three Representatives, and there are four regularly-scheduled General Assembly meetings in a semester, then your Represented Area has a Maximum Possible Meeting Credit number of 12. If your Represented Area is of graduate students, your Area must earn 8 credits. If your Represented Area is of professional students, your Area must earn 6 credits.

In the Fall of 2018, the GPC General Assembly modified the GPC Bylaws to allow At-Large Representatives to serve as proxies for the purposes of earning meeting credits for the Represented Area those At-Large Representatives come from. This makes it easier for Represented Areas to maintain “good standing” when their usual Representatives cannot attend a meeting.

Individuals within represented areas in “good standing” are eligible for 100% of travel grant funding; all others can only receive up to 50% of the maximum. Additionally, organizations wholly within a Represented Area that is not in “Good Standing” are not eligible for GPC group funding (co-programming).

At the end of each semester, the GPC Secretary creates a report of the Represented Areas that attended the majority of GA Meetings, i.e., is in “good standing”, which are listed below. If you do not agree with your Represented Area’s “good standing” status you can appeal to the GPC Executive Board for a review.

To see if your Representative(s) are attending GA Meetings this semester, please see the General Assembly page. Attendance for previous semesters is also available on that page.


Represented Areas in Good Standing after Spring 2021

College of Veterinary Medicine

Ancient Mediterranean Studies


Biochemistry AG

Biological Science

Biomedical, Biological & Chemical Engineering


Division of Applied Social Sciences


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Food Science


Geological Sciences

Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs


Human Development & Family Science

MU Institute for Data Science & Informatics


Medical Pharmacology and Physiology

Molecular, Microbiology & Immunology



Physical Therapy

Physics and Astronomy

Psychological Sciences

School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures

School of Music

School of Social Work

School of Visual Studies

School of Medicine

Special Education


University of Missouri Postdoctoral Association (MUPA)

Division of Food, Nutrition, and Exercise Sciences
Health Management and Informatics
Textile and Apparel Management
Information Science and Learning Technologies