The Graduate Professional Council (GPC) is the official democratic government for all graduate, professional, postdoctoral, and postbaccalaureate students at the University of Missouri. Learn more about us.

Services offered by GPC

GPC offers a variety of services for the graduate and professional community at MU.

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  • Travel Awards

    Each year, GPC distributes more than $50,000 in travel awards to individuals traveling to conferences to present their work. To learn how to apply for these awards, visit Funding: Travel Awards.

  • Group Funding

    Each month, the GPC General Assembly provides funding to events across campus that benefit graduate and professional students. By increasing the visibility of these funding opportunities, GPC has set a record for both the number of organizations funded and the amount of funding provided. For more information, please see the Group Funding page.

  • RCAF

    GPC has hosted RCAF for more than 30 years as a way for students to showcase research or creative activities, and gain experience discussing their work. Professors from across the state and within the MU community rate and give feedback on student presentations, with cash prizes available for exceptional presentations. For more information, please see […]


GPC Statement Regarding MU System Review Commission

On Wednesday, the Missouri Speaker of the House announced the final three representatives to round out the University of Missouri Independent Review Commission’s six members. The commission is tasked with creating a list of recommendations regarding every facet of operations within the University of Missouri system. This charge is to be completed by the end […]

GPC General Assembly Appreciation Event

GPC General Assembly Representatives, GPC would like to say Thank You for your hard work over the past year with an appreciation event on Friday, May 6th, from 5-8 pm on the Physics Building Roof! Please join us for food, drink, and music. This event is open to members of the GPC General Assembly and […]

NAGPS Regional Conference @Mizzou

The University of Missouri is thrilled to host the 2016 NAGPS South Central Regional Conference. The conference will be held in Columbia, Missouri on the campus of the University of Missouri from April 22 – 24, 2016. This year’s conference will be a joint effort with the Midwest Region. The National Association of Graduate-Professional Students […]

GPC/GSA Field Day

Join GPC and GSA on Saturday, April 23, for a Field Day from 3-7 pm in Kuhlman Court (the grassy area between Ellis Library and the MU Student Center). We will provide free food and fun games! Family and friends are welcome. Please join our Facebook event page and invite everyone. Tug of War | […]