September Travel Award Cycle

Did you travel to a conference or another professional development event between 4/13/19 and 9/14/19? If so, read on about this year's new September travel award cycle.

A recent change in university policy regarding reimbursements requires GPC to shift forward the eligible dates of travel for our travel award cycles. However, GPC was granted an exception for any travel that occurred between 4/13/19 and 9/14/19. So GPC will be offering a mini travel award cycle for conference travel and professional development travel which occurred during those dates. Please apply before 5pm on Friday, September 6th, 2019! 

To apply for the September Travel Awards, you must be a member of GPC’s MU Engage portal. If you were a member of GPC’s OrgSync portal, you likely are already able to access this. If you are not a part of GPC’s MU Engage Portal, request to join!

Please note that this award cycle is in addition to the planned October, February, and April travel award cycles for the 2019-2020 academic year. For any questions about travel awards, please email