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2017 Graduate Education Week

This year The Office of Graduate Studies, GPC, and GSA came together to invite Jen Polk, a career coach, to come speak to graduate students, post-docs and faculty about what she does best. She helps graduate students and PhDs achieve their career and life goals, especially when it comes to launching meaningful-to-them careers. Visit her website for more information:

Along with workshops and a seminar from Jen Polk, GSA and OGS have planned some other events. Such as CV and Resume help, job-search strategies and a workshop designed to help graduate students navigate all the forms necessary to succeed and graduate.

Registration is required for the workshops. Graduate students are invited to both workshops, but please only attend one so more students can take advantage of the workshop. Postdocs are encouraged to attend and register for the first workshop (10/18) and faculty is encouraged to attend the second workshop (10/19).

Jen Polk Workshop Registration Links

Wednesday the 18th from 1-2:30 pm (graduate students and postdocs):

Thursday the 19th from 1-2:30 pm (graduate students and faculty):